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Character Set fence QSO-LED (LED) for: indication of the limits of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination (dirt) areas indicate the direction of evacuation (bypass routes and bypass zones of contamination and pollution), designate the locations of shelters and point people gathering information population about the protection measures from the damaging factors of poisonous substances, radioactive substances and BS.

1 - file folder for storing stickers, flyers and paper stickers and leaflets
2 - pocket for storing passports kit worn fence QSO-LED signs
3 - pack paint for inscription on stencils
4 - Spray for removing labels
5 - marker for labeling
6 - sponge-eraser for removing labels
7 - Safety signs and stencils inscriptions
8 - LED lights

Content fence marks

1 - In an emergency to emergency chemically hazardous substances (APB)
2 - In an emergency situation with radioactive substances (PB)
3 - In an emergency with biological agents (BS)
4 - In the context of emergencies
5 - In the context of emergencies

Content stencils

General view of the fence portable sign on a pole with stand:

1 - the main sign of security
2 - the additional symbol
giving explanations;
3 - place for sticker labels
4 - LED Flashlight
5 - pole fencing IN-1 (a pivotal milestone VS-3)
6 - Stand by milestone

Vendor information

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