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KIOO designed to inform and educate the public using mobile technical equipment in places that are not equipped with systems to inform and disseminate information, in crowded places. Able to perform their tasks both independently and as part of mobile groups.

The staff (crew) KIOO of two people: a driver and the operator of the complex.

KIOO controlled from workstation located in the control part of the system.

The system provides the following tasks:
- Delivery personnel (crew) and KIOO equipment
- Public information and training (broadcast audio and video information)
- Broadcast predefined video / audio, and text materials on display means, recorded in different formats
- Translation of speech speaker in real time on a display means
- Reception of television signal (including satellite) and broadcasting on the screen for people KIOO
- Receiving radio and broadcast through loudspeakers
- Maintain radio communication between crew members and KIOO with Senior Chief
- Ensure communication and transmission of video at a distance
- Control of chemical contamination and contamination (monitoring) of the environment in the place of location KIOO
- Monitoring the changes of meteorological parameters (monitoring) of the environment in the place of location KIOO
- Video surveillance and video recording situation
- The collection, storage and transmission of information

Composition KIOO:
- Delivery Module
- Module video / audio information and alerts
- Module audio / video training
- Module monitoring and control
- Control module and communication
- Auxiliary Module
Means of reception and transmission of information, monitoring of radiation, chemical, Meteor-logical environment and videos made in weatherproof and have no consumables, which allows to use them for a long time under any climatic conditions.

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