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Complex equipment and equipment of classrooms in subjects "Fundamentals of Life Safety" and "Basics of Military Service"

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Open Joint Stock Company Scientific-Production Center "Rescue" - a diversified company in the development, improvement and implementation of specific technologies and equipment to protect the population and territories from emergency situations.

One of the activities of the Scientific and Production Center is a comprehensive provision of the educational process of specialists and the public.

At the present time, it has become more urgent preparation of the citizens, which is held in the state educational institutions. In this connection there was a necessity of staffing schools teaching aids necessary for effective training of the younger generation of life safety fundamentals issues of training actions in emergency situations of natural, technogenic and social nature.
Our company develops and distributes posters on the subjects Basics of life safety educational institutions as well as institutions for training rescue units. Also they can be designed and made posters for other academic disciplines and subjects.

Posters are made in any format and on different materials (plastic, cloth banner) in an exclusive design (taking into account the wishes of the customer). If desired, the posters can be displayed emblems (logos) regions, cities, educational institutions. It can be stationary (wall), mobile stands with changing exhibitions, traveling exhibitions and museum exhibits.

Our company offers:
- Design of classrooms
- Complex equipment and training facilities equipment
- Development and production of poster production
- Multimedia Productions
- Equipment class technical facilities

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